Sample and Current Syllabi of Composition, Theory, and other courses

Courses for Spring 2004:

Music 124A, Composition for Orchestra

Music 252C, Graduate Seminar in Composition (special, unstructured environment).

Course for Winter, 2004:

Music 252B, Graduate Seminar in Compositon (vocal composition focus)

Courses for Fall, 2003:

Music 251A, Graduate Seminar in Orchestration (chamber ensemble focus)

Music 252A, Graduate Seminar in Composition.

Courses for Spring, 2003:

Music 20 C: Expansion of Tonality

Music 251A, Graduate Seminar in Orchestration.

In the Fall of 2003 he will essay the last teaching year of his career.

After that year he will finally depart UCLA in the Spring of 2004 at the latest.

Courses for Winter, 2003:

Music 20 B: Introduction to Tonality

Music 266B, Graduate Seminar in Music after WW II.

Course for Fall, 2002:

Music 20A, First-year Theory

Courses for Winter, 2002:

Honors Colloquium: Art and the Machine, HNRS66

Second-Year Theory, Music 120B

Courses for Fall, 2001:

Seminar in 20th-Century Music Before WW II, Music 266A

Second-Year Theory, Music 120A

Courses for Spring, 2001:

First Year Theory, Music 20C

Composition for Wind Ensemble

Course for Winter, 2001:

First Year Theory, Music 20B

Courses for Fall, 2000:

First Year Theory, Music 20A

20thCentury Seminar, Music 266A

Courses for Spring, 2000:

Advanced Tonal Counterpoint, Music 104B

Seminar in Composition, Music 252C

Courses for Winter, 2000:

Seminar in Composition for the Piano

Seminar in 20th-Century Performance Practice, Music 261F

Course for Spring, 1999.

Composition for Large Ensembles (chorus and orchestra)

Courses for Winter, 1999:

Advanced Modal Counterpoint, Music 104A

Seminar in Twentieth-Century Music After World War II, Music 266B

Courses for Fall, 1998:

19th-Century Performance Practice Seminar

20th-Century Seminar

Music before World War II.

Courses for Winter, 1998:

Undergraduate Composition.

Music 123B: emphasis on vocal composition.

20th-Century Performance Practice Seminar

Music 261F: interpretation in relation to the other arts.

Courses for Fall, 1997:

Introduction to Composition.

Music 123A: This is the new syllabus.

Theory II: Baroque Counterpoint.

Music 120A: for this Fall.

Syllabus Archive:

Sample Theory I syllabus.

Sample Theory II syllabus No.1.

Sample Theory II syllabus No.2.

Powers-Reale Species Counterpoint Notes

Sample questions for Ph.D Exams

The areas are Music History and Analysis.

Sample questions in 20th-century studies

The area is 20th Century.

Updated: April 5, 2004.