Music 124C

Composition for Wind Ensemble

Spring, 2001


  • Baines, Anthony, Brass Instruments, Their History and Development, Dover Publ.
  • Baines, Anthony, Woodwind Instruments and Their History Dover Publ.
  • Mozart, W.A., Complete Serenades, Series I, Dover Publ.
  • Weisberg, Arthur, The Art of Wind Playing, Accurate Double Reed Publ.

  • The course meets three hours weekly from 12:00- 3:00, and there will be an additonal reading session with the UCLA Wind Ensemble on Monday, June 4, from 3-4 PM. Two main assignments are required for this course (described below).

  • April 6: Introduction.
    The goals of the course with a description of the forces available in the UCLA Wind Ensemble:
    Piccolo (1), FL I (2), FL II (2), Eb CL (1), Bb CL I (2), Bb CL II (2), Bb CL III (3), Bass CL (2), Alto Sax I (1, doubles soprano sax), AS II (1), Tenor Sax (1), Baritone Sax (1), Trumpets I, II, III (2 each), Horns I, II (2 each), Horns III, IV (1 each), Trombone I (2), Trombones II, III (1 each), Euphonium I (1), II, (1), Tubas (2), Percussion (5-6 players).
    Each student will prepare an excerpt of 2-3 minutes which will be the project for the course. In addition, each student will select from the Music Library a single 20th-century wind ensemble piece for discussion throughout the quarter and will submit a paper of approximately 2000 words on the piece (paper due in finals week).
  • April 13: Read Baines, WW, PP. 25-51 and 171-309. A general discussion of acoustics and history of winds.
  • April 20: Begin analysis
    Mozart analysis: Serenade No. 10 (handout) opening and wind parts of Haffner Serenade.
  • April 27: Read Baines, WW, PP. 52-71, 76-88, and 316-320.
    A discussion of the piccolo, flute, and reeds in general.
    First discussion of the project sketches.
    Read Weisberg, PP. 17-68.
  • May 4: Continue Mozart analysis.
    Read Baines, WW, PP. 91-166, Brass, PP. 19-36.
    Single and double reeds and their characteristics and the foundations and tradition of brass writing. Opening of Dvorak Op. 44 for ensemble writing.
  • May 11: workshop on the projects. Mozart's K388 C Minor Serenade.
    Read Baines Brass, PP. 67-145.
    Read Weisberg, PP. 69-95.
    Natural brass instruments in history.
  • May 18: Critique with Prof. Lee.
    Prof. Tom Lee will come into class and critique the scores of the projects.
    Read Baines, Brass, PP. 146-177: discussion of the horn. There will be an additional handout on the concept of end correction in tuning the horn.
  • May 25: Workshop on the projects.
    Mozart analysis in comparison to 20th-century techniques. The role of percussion.
  • June 1: Final preparation for the Wednesday reading.
    Read Weisberg, PP. 118-140.
  • June 8: Post mortem and review.

  • Updated, May 4, 2001.

    Students would check this version for latest revisions.