Music 20A Fall: Modal Counterpoint

Required books:

Benjamin, Thomas, The Craft of Modal Counterpoint.
Notes for Two-Part Counterpoint (handout to be memorized).
List of Cantus Firmi (nos. referred to on assignments)
Benward, Bruce, Sightsinging Complete.
Hindemith, Paul, The Craft of Musical Composition, Volume I.

Th Sept. 27: Introduction
M: 10/1:Notes PP. 2-8, Benward, read Preface.
Tu: Sightsinging (SS) Benward, Unit 1A, 1-10,Rhythm, Hindemith PP. 9-11, harmonic interval recognition intro and drill.
W: Species I (CF 3) due (two settings: above and below), SS Benward, Unit 1A 11-15.
Th: SS Benward, Unit 1A, 16-20.

M: 10/8: Species I assignment 2 due (CF 5), Notes on Species II.
Tu: SS Benward, Unit 1 B, Rhythm, Unit 1 F.
W: SS Benward Unit 1 C.
Th: SS Benward Unit 1 D, E as drill in class.

M: 10/15: Species II due (CF 6), interval drill.
T: SS Benward Unit 2 A 1-5, Drill 6-10 in class, B parts 1&2.
W: Notes on Species III (also handout on figuration).
Th: SS Benward Unit 2 B Part 3 3-8, Drill others in class.

M: 10/22: SS Benward Unit 2 C .
T: SS Benward Unit 2 D, Drill E in class, Rhythm, Unit 2 F.
W: Species III due (CF 9).
Th: Rhythm, Hindemith PP. 17-23.

M: 10/29: Counterpoint Review through Species III.
T: Musicianship Review.
W: Counterpoint Midterm.
Th: Musicianship Midterm (interval recognition, melodic dictation in one and two parts [whole notes], individual SS prepared and at sight.)

M: 11/5: Discuss Midterm; conferences on Musicianship.
Tu: SS Benward Unit 3 A 1-5, Drill 6-10 in class.
W: Notes on Species II and III combined.
Th: SS Benward Unit 3A 11-13, rhythmic drill, introduction to forms of major and minor triads for ID.

M: 11/12: Species II and II comb. due (CF 2), Notes on Species IV.
Tu: SS Benward Unit 3 B 1-6, Drill 7-10.
W Species IV due (CF 1), SS Benward Unit 3 C, Rhythm, Unit 3 F, Read Benjamin PP. 31-38.
Th: Interval drill, inversions of triads.

M: 11/19: Notes on Species V, begin analysis of motets (music in Benjamin and handouts).
Tu SS Benward Unit 3 D, Drill E in class, Rhythm, Hindemith PP. 30-34 top of page.
W: Motet analysis, Rhythm, Benward Unit 4 F.
Th: Thanksgiving.

M: 11/26: Species V due (CF 5), Notes on making Motet from Sp V.
Tu: SS Benward Unit 4 A, Rhythm, Hindemith PP. 47-48.
W: Drill SS, Benjamin PP. 18-28.
Th: SS Benward Unit 4 B 4-11, Rhythm, Hindemith P. 64.

M: 12/3: Motet analysis, Benjamin Chapter 2 and PP. 135-144, SS Benward Unit 4 C.
Tu: SS Benward Unit 4 D 1-5, Drill 6-10 in class, Drill E, Rhythm, Unit 5 F.
W: Two-Part Motets due (2 from the 2 Sp V), triad review, cpt. review.
Th: SS Benward Unit 5 A 7-14, Benjamin Chapter 3, Introduction to three-part counterpoint.

Examination: Fri, Dec. 14 8-11.

Routine of the Class:

1. Dictation shall be given e‚v‚e‚r‚y‚ day of the class in the first five minutes (papers to be turned in for grade). If this quiz is missed, a 0 will be entered.

2. Any musicianship assignment on the sheet (e.g. SS Benward Unit 2 B), is to be prepared for the day on which it appears: it will be graded. Any missed musicianship assignment will merit a 0.

3. Counterpoint assignments are a‚l‚l‚ double settings; however, any student may do one setting, providing it is invertible at one of the three intervals. Assignments are due on the dates shown: any assignment will be docked one point for each class day late.

Music 20 B Winter: Harmony I


We will be using Benward, Sightsinging Complete for SS and Rhythm assignments. For keyboard you must purchase Stanley Shumway, Harmony and Ear Training at the Keyboard‚ (4th ed.) (HET).

There will also be a harmony handout with explanations and writing exercises (HH) and a harmony supplement (HH Supp.) plus Four-Voice Texture Handout.


J.S. Bach, 371 Four-Part Chorales‚, Vols. I &II(Kalmus)
W.A. Mozart, Sonatas and Three Fantasies for Piano (Dover, available after week 4).

M (Jan.10) Introduction: questions about modal cpt. Analysis of Lassus 2-Part Motets for review of dissonance.
T Read HET (Shumway) PP. 1-11 for discussion; prepare SS Unit 6A (1-8)
W Read Harmony Handout (HH) PP. 17-28 ,HH Supp. PP. 41-54 and Four-Voice Texture Handout PP. 95-105 for discussion.
Th Drill intervals and triads; rhythmic drill; prepare SS 6B (1-8).

M (Jan. 17) , Holiday
T HET PP. 12-14 (prepare to play), SS prepare 6D (1-10) and drill 6E
W HH PP. 28-29 Ex 1 due.
Th Prepare Rhythm 6F, drill inversions of triads, ii to V and IV to V in major mode.

M (Jan. 24), HH P.29 Ex 2 due., Read PP. 36-38.
T HET PP. 15-17, SS 7A (6-19)
W HH P. 42 Exx. 3, 4 due; read HH PP. 44-47 and HH Supp. PP. 58-64.
Th SS 7B (2-10)

M (Jan. 31) HH P. 58 Ex. 2 due.
T HET P. 18, SS 7B (18-32), Rhythm 8F
W Chorale Harmonization #1 due; Read HH PP. 74-78
Th SS 8A (1-10); Drill 7D

M (Feb. 7) HH PP. 78-79 Ex.1 due; read HH PP. 96-105.
T Musicianship Midterm (will include dictation, individual SS, and Keyboard)A group (Long). B group prepare musicianship for Th (Feb. 7)
W Harmony/Analysis Midterm.
Th A group: SS 8B (3-10); rhythmic drill and drill on diatonic chord progressions. B group (Riley) Musicianship Midterm (see directions forT).

M (Feb.14) ; Chorale Harmonization #2 due.
T HET PP. 19-22 (middle); SS 8D (1-9),9A (1-6).
W Drill diatonic progressions and chord doublings.
Th SS 9B (1-6); voice leading drill.

M (Feb. 21) Holiday.
T HET PP. 22-24; Rhythm 10F; SS 9B (15-22)
W Chorale Harmonization # 3 due.
Th SS 10A (1-10). Mozart Paper #1 due.

M (Feb. 28) Chorale harmonization #4 due.
T SS 10B (1-9); HET PP. 26-28; harmonic drill; rhythm 11F, 12F.
W Continue Mozart analysis.
Th SS 10B (11-18).

M (Mar. 7) HH P. 79 Ex.2 due.
T HET PP. 30-34.
W Mozart paper #2 due.
Th SS 11A (1-8).

M (Mar. 14) Chorale Harmonization #5 due.
T Keyboard Review.
W Dictation review
Th SS 11B (1-10); second hour: harmony review.



As usual, dictation quizzes will be given every day at the beginning of class. All assignments are due on the given dates; lateness is a one-third letter grade penalty per school day. Non performance of musicianship assignments merits a zero. The same groups will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless changes are made by the teachers.

Music 20 C Spring: Harmony II


Benward and Carr, Sightsinging Complete ,Fifth Edition (Ben).
Shumway, Harmony and Ear Training at the Keyboard (HET).
Mozart, Piano Sonatas (Dover Edition).
Mozart, Cosi Fan Tutte (G. Schirmer piano vocal score).
Beethoven, Piano Sonatas, Vol I (Kalmus Ed.).
Beethoven, String Quartets (Dover Edition).

M (Apr. 4) Begin analysis of Mozart K310, Mvt. I (paper on dev. section will be due in two weeks.
T SS Ben Unit 11D (1-7a), rhythm unit F (PP 192-195), KB HET read PP 37-39 and prepare 1-10 (PP 40-41).
W Development section irregularities: Mozart 1st movements (K311, 330, 545).
Th SS Ben Unit 12B (1-6, PP 198-200). Begin diatonic harmonic dictation (chords only).

M (11) Chorale #1 due. Begin analysis of Beethoven Op.2#1, Minuet and Finale.
T SS Ben 7-10 (PP 200-201), KB HET read PP 41, 44-45, prepare II (1-6) and IIIA.
W Analysis paper #1 due (Mozart K310 development section, meas. 50-80). Continue Op2#1 analysis.
Th SS Ben Unit 12C (1-9, PP 205-206), rhythm F Section 1 (PP 214-215). Harmonic dict. introduce secondary dominants.

M (18) Beethoven Op 2 #2 Mvt I for analysis.
T Prepare transposition Ben 1-6 (PP 202-203), SS Ben Unit 13A (1-8, PP 217-219), KB HET read PP 48-49, prepare P 51 IV A&B.
W Beethoven Op. 7 Mvt I for analysis.
Th SS Ben Unit 13B (1-5, PP 220-221).

M (25) Analysis paper #2 due (Beethoven Op. 7 Mvt II, all). Continue analysis of Mvt I in class.
T SS Ben Unit 13B (6-12, PP 222-223), KB score reading xerox #1, HET read PP 52-54, prepare III (all) IVA (all).
W Chorale #2 due, Beethoven Op 10 #3 Mvt 2 for analysis.
Th SS Ben Unit 13B (13-17, PP 224-225). Harmonic dictation: drill altered chords, begin diatonic harmony in figuration.

M (May2) Begin Beethoven Quartet Op. 18#1, Mvt I for analysis.
T SS Ben Unit 13D all (PP238-239), rhythm 13F section I all (PP 242-243), KB HET read PP 57-59, prepare IIIB (P 60) and IVA (all).
W Musicianship Midterm
Th SS Ben Unit 14B Sect. 2 (5-13, PP 253-255), rhythm Sect. 2 all (PP 244-245).

M (9) Marc Riley guest lecture.
T Read Ben PP 256-259, SS Unit 14D (1-8a, PP 260-261), rhythm Unit 14F all (PP 265-267).
W John Long guest lecture.
Th Review chromatic, enharmonic intervals. Drill harmonic dictation with figuration (secondary dominants).

M (16) Chorale #3 due, Beethoven Qr. Op. 18 #3, Mvt. 1 for analysis.
T SS Ben Unit 15A (1-4 P 268), KB Score reading xerox #2.
W Analysis paper #3 due (Beethoven Op. 13 Slow Movement). Continue quartet analysis.
Th SS Ben Unit 15A (5-8, P 269), drill harmonic dictation of altered chords in figuration.

M (23) Beethoven Op.18 #3 Finale for analysis.
T SS Cosi Fan Tutte PP 18-26 (all parts), KB HET read PP 62-64, prepare PP 65-66 (all).
W Continure Finale analysis.
Th SS Cosi PP 30-36. Harmonic dictation: begin modulating passages (chords only).

M (30) Memorial Day holiday.
T SS Cosi PP 296-301, KB score reading xerox #3
W (June1) Chorale #4 due, Beethoven Op 18 #6 Intro and Finale for analysis.
Th SS Cosi PP 101-112 (all parts). Drill harmonic dictation with enharmonic elements.

M (6) Continue Op18 #6 analysis. Review techniques of harmonic dictation.
T SS cosi PP 134-142, KB HET read review PP 67-69, prepare I (all, PP 70-71).
W Analysis paper #4 due (Finale of Beethoven Piano Sonata Op 22). Review conclusions on Classic tonality.
Th SS review, KB HET read PP 74-76, prepare IV (all, PP 77-78).


As usual, dictation quizzes will be given every class day, and these quizzes will be used to record attendance at class. All written assignments (four chorales and four analysis papers) are due on the given dates; lateness is a one-third letter grade per school day penalty (a paper that is ten classes late ,approx. 2 1/2 weeks, is an automatic F). For assignments that are off track, the grade of X will remain in effect (paper must be rewritten within 2 weeks). The existence of this grade should give no one any excuse for not turning in papers.