Music 266B:

Twentieth-Century Music after WW II

Winter, 2003


CLass meets on Thursdays from 3:00-6:00 PM.

  • Griffiths, Paul, Gyorgy Ligeti, (Robson Books, 1997).
  • Jacobson, Bernard, A Polish Renaissance, (Phaidon, 1996).
  • Kennedy, Michael, Britten, (Oxford, rev. 1993).
    From PP. 119-249 there are extensive essays on individual pieces: students should check this area on the day of the appropriate presentation. also PP. 268-286 there is a detailed calendar.
  • Wilcox, Michael, Benjamin Britten's Operas, (Absolute Press, 1997).

  • The format of the seminar will be open ended, with each team specializing in two distinct areas, pieces or composers. After a general discussion on January 23, students should be prepared to announce their report topics. Notice that the teams that first report earlier in the quarter will have the luxury of a late-quarter second report.

  • Jan.9:Introduction.
    Ligeti, The Poles and Benjamin Britten: rediscovering the roots of music
    Tonality and the harmonic series.
  • Jan.16: General readings and selection of topics>
    Read Jacobson, Preface nd Prelude (PP. 6-16).
    Griffiths, Editor's Prefaces and Introductions (PP. vii-xiii), and "Interview with the Composer" (PP. 3-18).
    Kennedy, Preface (PP. v-vii), Chaps. PP. 1-15 and 254-259.
  • Jan.23: Read
    Leanna Sterios: Britten, Les Illuminations, Phaedra.
    Adam Waite: Lutoslawski, Concerto for Orchestra and Bartok Concerto for Orchestra.

  • Jan.30: Read: Jacobson, Chapter 2, PP. 67-100.
    Barbara Moroncini, Tippet Piano Concerto, Lutoslawski Piano Concerto.

  • Feb. 6: Read: Wilcox, PP. 19-28, 75-80, Kennedy, PP. 1-50, 59-76.
    James Steinman: Britten, Gloriana, Midsummer Night's Dream.
    Andrew Wong, Britten, Ballad of Heroes, Sinfonia da Requiem.
    Aaron Goldstein: Britten, Peter Grimes, Berg, Wozzeck.

  • Feb.13: Read: Wilcox, PP. 81-90, Kennedy PP. 70-85, 93-100.
    Steve Rothstein: Britten, War Requiem, Stravinsky, Requiem Canticles.
    Karen Park, Britten, Curlew River and the Japanese Noh drama.

  • Feb. 20: Read: Jacobson, Chapter 5, PP. 165-194, Chapter 6, PP. 195-206.
    Johanna Orquiza: Britten, Peter Grimes, Turn of the Screw (ref. Henry James novella).
    Steve Rothstein: Gorecki Third Symphony with ?
    Ben Phelps: Ligeti, Micropolyphony, Schnittke, Concerto Grosso #1.

  • Feb. 27: Read: Jacobson, Chapter 4, PP. 131-164, Griffiths, PP.25-73.
    James Steinman: Ligeti, Etudes, Crumb Makrokosmos.
    Dante Silva: Ligeti, Ramifications with ?
    Aaron Goldstein: Penderecki, String Quartet (1960), A Ligeti String Quartet.

  • Mar. 3: Read: Griffiths, PP. 74-127, Wilcox, PP. 71-74, 91-95.
    Barbara Moroncini: Britten, Death in Venice with the Thomas Mann story of the same name.
    Andrew Wong: Lutoslawski, Mi-Parti, Cello Concerto.
    Johanna Orquiza: Penderecki, St. Luke Passion, Dies Irae.

  • Mar. 10:
    Leanna Sterios: Xenakis, Cendrees and Penderecki, Cosmology. Ben Phelps: second project.
    Adam Waite: Britten, Noyes Fludde or Canticle II: Abraham and Isaac with Stravinsky, The Flood or Abraham and Isaac.

  • Two presentations are required for the class: one relating to the Polish renaissance (plus Ligeti) and one relating to a portion of a Britten Opera. Once the topics are selected, a revised syllabus with appropriate readings will be handed out. Written versions of the presentations are due, only after the tenth week of class; but an outline of the topic sould be submitted shortly after the oral presentation.

    Updated January 23, 2003.