Music 120B:

Second-Year Theory: Tonality in the Romantic Era

Winter, 2002

The course will take an historical-analytical approach to the various styles of the Romantic era. There will be three analytical papers or 2000-3000 words and a written final examination in exam week, in addition to the usual musicianship final.


  • Beethoven, Complete String Quartets,, Dover Edition.
  • Brahms, Symphony No. 3, Miniature Dover Edition.
  • Brings, et al, A New Approach to Keyboard Harmony, (W.W. Norton), 1979 (referred to as KB).
  • Rosen, Charles, The Romantic Generaion, Harvard University Press, 1995.
  • Schumann, Selected Songs for Solo Voice and Piano, Dover Edition.
  • Verdi, Otello, Piano-vocal score, Schirmer Edition.
    All at-sight SS will be from this score (TA's choice).
    When there is no official SS assignment, TA will drill with at-sight examples from this score.
  • Wagner, Lohengrin, Piano-Vocal Score, Schirmer Edition.
    All prepared SS will be from this score.

  • Monday, January 7, 2002:Introduction.
    Second hour will be dedicated to a review of harmonic dictation.
  • Tuesday: Beethoven's legacy.
    Begin analysis of String Quartet, Op. 131, First Movement.
  • Wednesday: Score Reading (SR), Brings, P. 133. (groups I and II).
    SS, Wagner, PP. 17-23.
    Drill chord progressions, P. 108 (I&II).
  • Thursday: Op. 131 continued (to movement 2).
    Read Rosen, Chap. One, "Music and Sound," PP. 1-40.
  • M, Jan. 14: KB harmony, read Brings, PP. 109-110.
    SS, Wagner PP. 213-218.
  • T: Finish Beethoven analysis.
  • W: SR (score reading), Brings, P. 133 (I&II groups).
    SS, Wagner PP. 67-70 (all choral parts).
  • Th: No class.
  • M, Jan. 21: Holiday (no class).
  • T: Basis of the style
    Read Rosen, "Formal Interlude," PP. 237-278.
  • W: Drill chromatic chord changes and altered chords.
    Drill Brings, "Play in Major Keys," P. 110.
    SR, Brings P. 136, 139 (II), P. 137 (I).
  • Th: Schumann (bring song collection to class).
    Read Rosen, "Fragments," PP. 41-85.
  • M, Jan. 28: Sequences.
    KB harmony, prepare "Chromatic Sequences<" in Brings, P. 112 (I&II).
    SS, Wagner, PP. 285-290.
  • T:Read Rosen, PP. 85-115.
  • W: Chromaticism and passing tones.
    SR: Brings, P. 141, Ex 10-8 (I), Ex. 10-9 (II).
    Read Brings, PP. 113-115 and drill "Chromatic passing motion."
  • Th: Mountains and Song Cycles.
    Read Rosen, PP. 116-236.
    Analysis Paper No. 1 due.
  • M, February 4: Dictation Midterm.
    Sightsinging drill (sections selected from Otello by TA for review.
  • T: Musicianship Midterm.
    Keyboard consists of score reading, keyboard harmony, and transposition.
    Signhtsinging consists of prepared and at-sight materials.
  • W: Review the exam in class.
    SR, Brings, PP14-15, Ex. 10-11 (I), PP. 142-144 (II).
    KB harmony, chromatic harmony sequences I (TA handout).
  • Th: Chopin I
    Read Rosen, "Chopin: Counterpoint and the Narrative Forms," PP. 279-360.
  • M, Feb. 11: Play KB harmony chord sequences I.
    SS, Wagner, PP. 149-156.
  • T: Rosen, "Mendelssohn and the Invention of Religious Kitsch," PP. 569-598.
  • W: SS at sight.
    SR, Brings, P. 151, Exs 10-15, 10-16 (I), PP. 1480149 Ex. 10-14 (II).
    KB harmony chord sequences II (TA handout).
  • Th: Chopin II.
    Read Rosen, "Virtuosity transformed," PP, 361-409.
  • M, Feb. 18: Holiday (no class).
  • T: Chopin analysis.
  • W: SS, Wagner, PP. 4-12.
  • Th: Read Rosen, Chopin III, PP. 410-471.
  • M, Feb. 25: Play KB harmony chord sequences II.
  • T: Opera.
    Read Rosen, "Romantic Opera: Politics, Trash, and High Art," PP. 599-638.
  • W: SS, Wagner PP. 91-96.
    SR, Brings, PP. 153-155, Ex. 10-17 (II), P, 173, #10 (I)
  • Th: Bring Lohengrin and Otello to class.
    Read Rosen, PP. 639-645.
    Analysis Paper No. 2 due.
  • M, March 4: Read and discuss Brings, PP. 116-120, Improvisation.
    SS, Wagner, PP. 97-108 (all choral parts).
    TA drill on exercises.
  • T: Opera analyses.
  • W: SS, Wagner, PP. 210-212.
    SR, Brings PP. 156-157, Ex. 10-18 (II), P. 175, #13 (I).
  • TH: Opera analyses.
    Bring Brahms, Symphony No. 3, to class.
    Read Rosen, "Schumann, " PP. 646-710.
  • M, Mar. 11: Discuss Brings, PP. 120-125.
    SS, Wagner PP. 213-216.
  • T: Bring Brahms, Symphony No. 3, to class.
  • W:SS, review with sections of Wagner.
    SR, Brings, PP. 158-162, Ex. 10-19 (II), only PP. 156-159 (I).
  • Th: Harmonic dictation review.
    Analysis Paper No. 3 due.

  • Updated January 4, 2002.