Music 120 A: Tonal Counterpoint

Materials for the Course:

J.S. Bach, Eleven Great Cantatas, (publ. Dover).

Keyboard Works, (publ. Dover)
S. Shumway, Harmony and Ear Training at the Keyboard , (HET). Opera for SS-----------------
Handel examples for figured bass (xeroxes)
Ashforth's Counterpoint notes, musical examples, extra fugal examples.

Th (9/29) Introduction: questions for new students. second hour keyboard testing

M (10/3) SS "Eleven" Aria PP 41-43; interval and triad review.
Tu Chorale and Chorale Prelude discussion.
W HET read PP 79-80: do PP 80-81 (1-10); SS "Eleven" tenor and bass parts PP 78-79. "Keyboard" English Suites ; play and sing at sight.
Th Chorale setting #1 due.

M (10/10) SS "Eleven" Bass PP 80-81; harmonic dictation of cadences.
Tu Chorale setting #2 due.
W HET do PP 81-82 (1-8), read P 83, PP 89-92 (nonharmonic tones); Score reading "Eleven" P.26 systems 1-4.
Th Chorale Prelude #1 (figuration in inner voices) due. Discuss ornamented melody Organ Music PP 125-128 ("Vater Unser") compare with P 131.

M (10/17) SS "Eleven" PP 133-135; French Suites , sing and play at sight.
Tu Chorale Prelude #2 with ornamented melody due. Review invertible cpt.
W HET read PP 84-85, do A (1-4) B (1-4); Fig. Bass "Eleven" P 78.
Th Discuss: 2-part invention expo, real vs. tonal answer, sequences.

M (10/24) SS "Eleven" PP 136-140. opera exs.
Tu Chorale Prelude section due (CF in pedals). Discuss 2-part inv. mod. to new key and key schemes in general.
W HET do P 86 A (5-8), B (5-8),P 93 (1-3), read PP 96-98 for review and do P 98 (3-6). Score reading "Eleven" Aria Pp 38-39
Th More sequences; 2-part inv. expo due.

M (10/31) Review SS, dict., sequences.
Tu 2-part inv. to 1st mod. due.
W HET read PP 101-104, do P 93-94 (4-6), III P 104 (1-5); Score reading "Eleven" P 44 Aria. Fig. bass P 92.
Th Musicianship Nidterm.

M (11/7) SS "Eleven" Recit. and Aria PP 141-146; sing and play; drill harmonic sequences (from Inv. and Partitas)
Tu Begin 3-part expo.
W HET read PP 107-109, do P 105 (6-9), P 109 (1,2), P 110 (all of IV); Fig. bass handout #1.
Th Finish 2-part inv. (due).

M (11/14) SS from the opera; drill modulations by ear.
Tu Questions on 3-part expo. (workshop).
W HET read PP 111-113, do P 110 (4-7), P 114 (1-4); Score reading "Eleven" P 111, SS PP 39-41.
Th 3-part inv. expo due; rewrite of 2-part due.

M (11/21) SS "Eleven" PP 92-93; modulating harmonic dict.
Tu Discuss canon: Goldberg Variations in KB, PP. 150-151. W HET read PP 116-118, do P 114 (5-8), all of IV P 119. Fig. bass handout #2. SS "Eleven" PP 26-27 both parts.
Th Thanksgiving

M (11/28) SS opera
Tu Rewrite of 3-part expo due. Continue canon discussion; fughetta "organ" PP 118-119, imitation "Aus Tiefer Not" PP 137-139, 140-141.
Fugue expo analysis: Organ Sonata No.1. W HET read PP 120-122, do all of III (PP 122-123); Score reading/fig. bass Exs. from xerox
Th Continue analysis

M (12/5) 3-part inv, expo and mod. due; SS from the opera
Tu Chorale Prelude analysis paper due. Fugue overview "Organ" St. Anne Fugue ande Jesus Christus Unser Heiland PP 147-149.
W Read HET review PP 124-126. Fill in inner voices of chorales 3 and 4 P 127. Fig. bass Handel xerox
Th Review.

Exam day: 3-part Inv. analysis paper due.

1) Remember: dictation will be given promptly at the beginning of every class.
2) You must be present to perform musicianship or earn a zero.
3) Written assignments must be turned in on time or lose 1/3 letter grade for every class day late.

Music 120 B Romantic Harmony


Beethoven, Complete String Quartets, publ. Dover)
Brahms, Violoncello Sonatas, (International)
Schumann, Complete Symphonies, ( publ. Dover), handouts of piano music
Wagner, Lohengrin; (G. Schirmer)
Mahler, Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2, (Dover)
Keyboard Harmony handouts (5)
Sessions Modulating melodies (4)

M (1/9) Introduction, SS at sight
T Beethoven Op. 135 analysis of Mvt. 1
W SR introduction, Harm. dict. quiz
Th Beethoven cont'd, SS Loh. PP. 4-8

M (1/16) holiday
T Schumann piano works for analysis
W SR Schumann PP. 59,61, KH #1, drill altered chords
Th Paper: Beethoven Op. 135 Mvt 4 due. Schumann cont'd (Symphony No1., mvt. 1 intro.)

M (1/23) SS Loh. PP.9-16, Mel. Dict. quiz, Drill enharmonic chord changes.
T Schumann, Symphony No.3; (4), Mod. Mel. #1 due (texture from Schumann piano handouts). SS at sight.
W SR schumann PP.109-110, SS Loh. PP. 276-280
Th Guest Lecture: Joel Lester, "Ambiguity as an Analytic Asset"

M (1/30) SS Loh. PP. 281-286, Harm. Dict. Quiz, Drill diatonic modulations.
T Lohengrin; Prelude (1) for analysis
W SR Schumann PP. 264-265, KH #2, SS Loh. PP. 17-20, 24-31
Th Brahms Op. 99 Analysis

M (2/6) Keyboard Review
T Musicianship Review
W Musicianship Midterm
Th Modulating melody workshop

M (2/13) SS Loh. PP. 35-36, 41-42, Mel. Dict. Quiz
T Brahms cont'd, Mod. Mel. #2 due (Schumann texture)
W KH #3, SS at sight, Drill chromatic Mod.
Th Finish Brahms (Keyboard examples and songs), SS Loh. PP. 60-64, 71-75

M (2/20) Holiday
T Paper #2 due (Brahms Op. 99 Mvt. 1), Mahler, Symphony No. 1; ‚N‚o‚.‚ ‚1‚ (1) analysis
W SR Schumann PP. 356-357, SS Loh. PP. 92-97
Th Finish Mahler No.1, begin Symphony No. 2; ‚N‚o‚.‚ ‚2‚ (3)

M (2/27) SS Loh. PP. 116-122, Harm. Dict. Quiz
T Mahler cont'd, Mod. Mel. workshop
W SR Schumann PP. 73-75, Kh #4, SS Loh. PP. 125-129
Th Mod. Mel #3 due (Brahms texture)

M (3/6) SS at sight, Mel. Dict. quiz, Review altered chords
T Brahms and Mahler songs (also some French examples)
W SR Mahler PP. 46-49, KH#5, SS Loh. PP. 139-145
Th Berlioz heritage (handouts), Mod. Mel. Workshop

M SS Loh. PP. 155-156, 204-206, Review Mel. Dict., drill dissonant intervals (with octave displacement)
T Paper #3 due (Mahler S‚y‚m‚p‚h‚n‚y‚ ‚N‚o‚.‚ ‚2‚ (4))
W SR Mahler PP. 248-252, SS Loh. PP. 208-212, Review harmony
Th General Review, Mod. Mel. #4 due by exam day (Maher or Berlioz texture).


1) Dictation every day (grades taken on indicated days)
2) Late papers penalized 1/3 letter grade each class day late.
3) Incompletes will be given only for grave illness (Don't even ask under other circumstances).

Music 120 C Twentieth Century

April 4 Introduction

(6) Analysis of melodies: Mahler Symphony X, Tristan und Isolde, Bartok, . Begin THe Unanswered Question, (1908), by Charles Ives (1874-1954). Charles Ives (1874-1954)

(11) Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951), Book of the Hanging Gardens, Op. 15, III, XV (1908).

(13) Anton Webern (1883-1945), Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 10 (1913), I, IV, V. 10 (1913). I,IV,V
(18) Finish Webern, compare with Berg excerpt. Paper #1 due: comparison of Schoenberg Op. 15 X with Ives Song"Ann Street"

(20) Begin Rite of Spring, (1913), Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)

(25) Stravinsky

(27) Finish Stravinsky, compare with The Four Temperaments (1940), by Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)

(May 2) Review. Paper #2 due: Webern Op. 10 III comparison with Pribaoutki, by Stravinsky

(4) Midterm

(9) 12-tone music: compare Schoenberg semi-combinatorial set to Webern derived set

(11) 12-tone cont'd. Start String Quartet No. 3 (1927) by Bela Bartok (1881-1945)

(16) Compare Bartok with Edgard Varese (1883-1965)

(18) Varese, Octandre I (1924)

(23) Songs by Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), L'Enfant et les Sortileges (1925). Paper #3 due: Recapitulation of the First Part (Bartok Str. Qr. No. 3).

(25) Ravel vs. Olivier Messiaen (1908-), Quartet for the End of Time, (1941).

(30) Aaron Copland (1900-) introduction, Billy the Kid, (1939).

(June 1) Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and Strings, (1941), "Dirge."

(6) Post WW II trends

(8) trends cont'd, review

Paper #4 due on the exam day. The topic is your choice: get it approved by May 25th.



Theoretical works:

Hindemith, Paul, The Craft of Musical Composition Vol I.

Perle, George, Serial Composition and Atonality, Berkeley, 1968.

Persichetti, Vincent, Twentieth-Century Harmony

Rosen, Charles, Arnold Schoenberg, New York, 1975.

Biographies and Histories:

Copland, Aaron, Copland, 1900-1942, N.Y., 1984.

Griffiths, Paul, Modern Music: The Avant-Garde since 1945;, N.Y., 1981.

Leibowitz, Rene, Schoenberg and his School, (transl. Newlin), N.Y., 1975.

Pasler, Jan (ed.), Confronting Stravinsky Berkeley, 1986.

Samson, Jim, Music in Transition, N.Y. 1977.
Varese, Louise, Varese, A Looking-Glass Diary, N.Y., 1972.

Whittall, Arnold, Music since th First World War, London, 1977.

Wildgans, Friedrich, Anton Webern, (Transl. Roberts), London, 1966.


American Music


Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute


Music Review

Perspectives of New Music