Music 20C:

First-Year Theory: Expansion of Tonality

Spring, 2001


  • Bach, J.S., 271 Chorales, Schirmer Edition.
  • Mozart, W.A., Complete Sonatas and Fantasies for Solo Piano, Dover Edition.
  • Beethoven, L.V., Complete Piano Sonatas, VOl. I, Dover Edition.
  • Beethoven, Complete String Quartets,, Dover Edition.
  • Benjamin, Horvit, Nelson, Music for Sightsinging, (Wadsworth), 2000, 3rd. Edition (referred to as SS).
    Sightsinging assignments for he first four weeks come from this book.
  • Mozart, W.A., The Magic Flute, Piano-Vocal Score, G. Schirmer Inc.
    Sightsinging assignments from week 5 on are from this score.
  • Brings, et al, A New Approach to Keyboard Harmony, (W.W. Norton), 1979 (referred to as KB).

  • generalized diagram of sonata movements
    Click on the above link to use for reference.

  • There is graded dictation at the beginning of each class: any student who misses a dictation will earn a zero, which cannot be made up. There will be six written assignments in four-part harmony, and they are due on the days indicated. Any late assignment will be downgraded: since papers will have numbers (e.g. "0" is no mistakes and an "A") a number will be added for each class day late. Papers with the grade of "X" must be rewritten and submitted at the next class.

  • Monday, April 2: Review of chorales and analyses from the Winter Quarter.
    Outstanding papers will be returned, and harmony assignments (4) for the Spring will be distributed.
  • T, Apr. 3: Review of diatonic cadential progressions.
    Part singing of various Bach Chorale settings at sight (selected by TA).
  • W, Apr. 4: Review of eighth-note motion in chorale settings.
    Be sure to bring the Bach Chorale book to class.
  • Th, Apr. 5: Review of chord inversions (identifying by the bass note)
    SS, prepare PP. 176-178 and the duets on P. 179.
    KB: P. 25 prepare exercises 3-1 and 3-2 in the keys of C, D, G, A.

  • M, Apr. 9: Review of altered chords.
    Variations technique in Mozart and Beethoven.
  • T, Apr. 10: SS drill.
    SS, prepare canons, P. 184 for performance in class.
  • W, Apr. 11: Begin expansion of sonata principles.
    Third-related harmonies.
  • Th, Apr. 12: open skcore.
    KB prepare 3-8, P. 27. Accelerated students should be able to play 3-9 and 3-10 as well.

  • M, Apr. 16: begin third-related harmonies.
    Harmony Assignment #1 due (chorale harmonization).
  • T, Apr. 17: drill augmented sixth chords.
    SS, prepare Propter magnum gloriam, PP. 199-202 for perforamnce in class.
    Prepare rhythmic exercises, P. 203-204. Drill duets P. 205.
  • W, Apr. 18: Beethoven analysis.
    Harmony assignment #2 due.
  • Th, Apr. 19: transposition.
    KB play exercise 3-38 in g minor, a minor, and c minor. Accelerated students should also prepare exercise 3-37.

  • M, Apr. 23: Beethoven's development sections
  • T, Apr. 24: augmented sixth chords as enharmonic secondary dominants.
    SS, prepare PP. 208-209.
  • W, Apr. 25: Further development after recapitulation.
  • Th, Apr. 26: No class
    TA will arrange small groups to drill keyboard in place of this class.
  • M, Apr. 30: Written Midterm Exam in analysis.
    Harmony assignment #3 due.
    There will be a two-hour exam dealing with a movement of a Beethoven Piano Sonata.
  • T, May 1: Midterm in Dictation.
    The midterm will cover two-part melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic dictations, as well as chord sequences.
  • W, May 2: Musicianship midterm (individual appointments).
  • Th, May 3:
    SS, prepare from Mozart's Magic Flute, PP> 10-15 for performance in class.
    Accelerated KB students should work on the piano accompaniment and take turns at the piano.

  • M, May 7: the concept of the recapitulation of different parameters at different times.
  • T, May 8: harmonizing melodies.
    KB do the exercises on P. 43. Accelerated students should also prepare those on P. 44.
  • W, May 9: global vs. local tonal operations I.
    Analysis paper #1 due.
  • Th, May 10: TA's choice (assignment made in previous class from The Magic FLute.

  • M, May 14: global vs. local operations II.
  • T, May 15: continue harmonizing melodies.
    KB prepare exercises 4-11 and 4-12. Accelerated students should prepare 4-13 and 4-14 as well.
  • W, May 16: Beethoven and counterpoint.
  • Th, May 17: TA's choice (keyboard and SS).

  • M, May 21: Slow movement synthesis.
  • T, May 22: TA's choice (keyboard and SS)
  • W, May 23: Analysis paper #2 due.
  • Th, May 25: Let's fake and opera.
    Extended performances of sections of The Magic Flute.

  • M, May 28: Memorial Day.
  • T, May 29: discuss sequences (Brings PP. 52-57).
  • W, May 30: Minuets and Scherzos.
  • Th, May 31: TA's choice for keyboard.
    KB prepare exercises 4-25 and 4-26

  • M, June 4: Beethoven and Romanticism.
  • T, June 5: TA's choice (keyboard and opera).
    KB prepare exercises 4-20 and 4-21.
  • W, June 6: Review of chromatic harmony.
  • Th, June7: Review of musicianship skills.

    This syllabus and all other materials are also available at under the heading of educational materials, subheading of syllabi.

    Students may seek help from the professor at the office hour, Wednesday 12:00-1:00 PM, by e-mail (, or by phone (dedicated line available until 8PM). In advance of due date, assignments may be faxed for approval. Harmony assignments (4) involve four-part writing in Bach-Chorale style. Analysis papers Nos. 1 and 2 will involve music of Beethoven.

    Updated, March 27, 2001.

    Students would check this version for latest revisions.