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Claire is a photographer specializing in travel and nature, and Paul is a Professor Emeritus in the Music Department (click on this title to see the new site) at UCLA, a composer of classical concert music, an observer of human folly.


Here you may also view many galleries of photographs, a complete catalog of my work, and useful databases of musical information. Of course, don't forget about downloading free scores.

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The Confessions of a Selfmade Misfit:

An archive of broadsides, written from 1996-1997 guaranteed to anger and amuse.
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Claire's Photo Galleries:

Intimate visual portraits of human nature.

Expeditions Around the World.

Claire's musings on past journeys.

A Complete Catalog of My Musical Compositions:

An interactive resource with score pages, program notes, photos, reviews. etc.
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Syllabi for theory and composition, 20th-century repertoire, sample exam questions.
Students! Here is where you go to find a selection of syllabi for courses I taught at UCLA (1969-2004).

Professorial Page.

Composer's Scrapbook.

Ten Sonatas page for pianists.

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