Food for Thought

  • A Letter to My Teacher: Spring 2017
  • The Concept of Anticipation: a Follow up to Music Critics: Quaerendo Invenientis
  • Music Critics: Quaerendo Invenientis
  • Discography of American Music after WW II
    A list of current CD's and CD collections with call numbers.
  • Novelty vs. Originality
    Why are we drowning in a sea of clichés?
  • Rush to Judgment: searching for Graupner
    Is Warhol's "fifteen minutes of fame" gaff coming true?

  • Click here for a complete list of Pulitzer Prizes in Music
    This list now has irreverent commentary by Reale (work in progress).
    Interesting link: Click here for an archive of Pultizer Prizes in all areas, arranged by year (starting 1917).

  • Compositional Technique
    A primer for the listener in what classical composers actually do.
  • The Nature of Musical Genius
    Intuition, honed by intellect.
  • Are We in the Same Business as Mozart?
  • Boulez Poisoned the Well
    Boulez as an establishment template for disaster.
  • Aaron Copland and the Crisis of Modernism
  • Los Angeles, 1994: The Next Paris?
  • Philosophy of Teaching
    Advice to anyone just beginning to teach at any level.
  • What is a Computer Museum?
    Initial reactions to the opening of my computer museum.

  • Replies to articles from readers.
  • This is a new feature which will also include general feedback. Any extended and considered rebuttals will be posted in this location.

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    10th Anniversary, at which Piano Trio No. 2 received its world premiere.

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