Discography of American Music Since WW II

Individual composers:

John Adams, Violin Concerto/ Shaker Loops, Nonesuch 7 9360-2

Dominick Argento, From the Diary of Virginia Woolf, Centaur CRC2092

Miton Babbitt, Philomel, New World 80466-2

Samuel Barber, Medea, Koch 3-7010-2

Easley Blackwood, Microtonal, Cedille CDR 90000 018

William Bolcom, Symphony #4/ Session, New World NW356-2

Robert Beaser, Piano Concerto...etc., Argo 440 337-2

John Cage, Winter Music, Hat ART CD6141

Elliott Carter, Orchestral Songs/ Choral, CRI CD648

Paul Chihara, Saxophone Concerto...etc., CRI CD815

John Corigliano, Symphony No. 1, Erato WE810ZK

George Crumb, Works for Piano Vol. I, Centaur CRC2050

Crumb, Black Angels, Elektra/None. 9 79242-2

Michael Daugherty, Metropolis Symphony, Argo 452 103-2

Mario Davidovsky, Flashbacks, Bridge 9097

David DelTredici, In Memory of a Summer Day, Elektra/None.9 79043-2

Morton Feldman, For Philip Guston (1984), Bridge 9078A/D

Philip Glass, Itaipu, Sony SK46352

Aaron Jay Kernis, Symphony in Waves...etc. Argo 436287-2

Morten Lauridsen, Lux Aeterna, RCM 19705

Daniel Lentz, Crack in the Bell, EMI CDC-7491802

Gian-Carlo Menotti, Amahl and the Night Visiters, MCA MCAD-6218

Harry Partch, The Music Of.., CRI CD700

Stephen Paulus, Voices, Albany Troy 182

Shulamit Ran, Music of, CRI CD609

George Rochberg, Slow Fires of Autumn...etc., CRI 769

Nen Rorem, Evidence of Things Not seen, New World 80575-2

Michael Torke, The Yellow Pages...etc., Argo 430209-2

Joan Tower, Silver Ladders...etc., Elektra/None. 9 79245-2

Steve Reich, Different Trains, Elektra/None. 9 79176-2

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Symphony No. 1...etc., New World NW336-2


The EOS Ensemble, (Cage, Harrison, Haieff, Feldman) Catalyst 09026-88751-2

Carter/Adams Piano , Music & Arts CD-604

Percussion Music (Colgrass, Cowell, et al.), Elektra/None. 9 79150-2

Harrison/ Ruggles, CRI CD715

Yo-yo Ma Premieres (Danielpour, Rouse, Kirchner), Sony SK-66299

Five American Clarinet Quintets (Corigliano, Sheng,etc.), Delos DE3183

An American Cellobration (Bolcom, Rorem, Harbison, etc.) Crystal CD639

American Brass Quintet (Bolcom, Druckman, Shapey etc.) New World NW377-2

Three American One-Act Operas (Schuman, Barber, Blitzstein), Premier PRCO1009

Kronos Quartet: White Man Sleeps Elektra/None. 9 79163-2

TrioAmerica Vol.III (Luening, Creston etc.), Music & Arts CD-934

Mass for the Earth (Paulus, Barber, Larsen), Koch 3-7279-2H1

Continuum Percussion Quartet (Cage, Harrison etc.), New World NW382-2

Paulus/Larsen: Meet the Composer Elektra/None. 9 79147-2

Points of Departure (Lerdahl, Druckman etc.), DGG 435-398-2

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