Composer's Scrapbook

  • Alden Ashforth
  • Reale gets a lesson from Roger Bourland in hi tech
  • Mark Carlson
  • The late Manuel Enriquez
  • Reale's first recital, 1948
  • The late Johana Harris
  • David Kneuper, Reale, and Art Gottschalk in the bad old days
  • Ian Krouse, caught away from his composing desk
  • Leon Kirchner
  • Reale with the late Otto Luening and Bill Kraft
  • The Mirecourt Trio in their finest hour
  • Nicolas Slonimsky as a guest in my class
  • Do you like music?

    Litho of UCLA's new Music Building,

    Opening ceremonies and dedication of the building (Music For Open Spaces premiered).

    Photos are copyright © Claire Rydell, 2001. All rights reserved.