Educational Resources

  • Course Syllabi and sample grad exam questions
    Students: get syllabi for course taught by Reale, here.
  • Classical Music Repertoire List
  • Musical Quips
  • Traps for the Uninitiated Composer
  • Twentieth-Century Studies
    Check out the Seminar in The Avant-Garde
    List includes syllabi for Graduate Seminars.
  • Sources for Aesthetics
  • Sample projects in Style Composition
    These questions are similar those which would appear in a PhD qualifying exam.
  • Outline for a History of Theory: 1700-1850
  • Sources for Medieval and Renaissance Music

  • Logo by Susana Enriquez for International Forum XIV, Mexico City, 1992.

    Columbus Concerto was given here in 1992.

    Manuel and his violin (Susana Enriquez).

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