Twentieth-Century Studies

  • Sample PhD qualifying exam questions for 20th Century
  • 20th-Century Performance Practice Seminar: WInter, 1998.
    Music 261F: interpretation in relation to the other arts.
  • Music 266B: Winter, 1997.
    Seminar in Twentieth-Century Music after WW II.
  • Music 251D: Winter, 1997.
    Seminar in the Nature of the Avant-Garde.
  • The Musical World: 1909-1912
  • Twentieth-Century Music Seminar
    Music in the early part of this century with reflections on world history, philosophy, politics, and the other arts.
  • Twentieth-Century Repertoire List
  • Readers Comment on the Twentieth Century

  • More to come.

    Updated: October 3, 2000