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Internet for the Fine Arts is a comprehensive network of artists, galleries, museums, organizations, and resources relating to the fine arts. If you have an interest in the fine arts, be sure to explore this site.


Some of our Favorite Web Pages:

Educational Resources

  • Classical Composers
  • Beethoven information
  • Classical Composers Database
  • Multimedia at UCLA
  • The Internet Public Library
  • Los Angeles Public Library
  • Tutorcom
  • WOW'EM (Women on the Web)
    Directed at young women with interests in music, visual art, and computers, science or math.
  • Entertainment and humor

  • David Watkins' Useless Humor Page
  • Hitchhiker Guide through CyberSpace: Remote
  • JAVA Places

  • Cybercore Virtual Labs
  • The Raven and Sparrow Internet Cafe
  • Whang's Java List
  • Applets:The Library
  • Internet Express
  • Mapquest
  • Java Repository
  • Museums and Photo Exhibits

  • World Wide Arts Resources
    The comprehensive arts registry on the WWW.
  • Worldphoto
    Exhibits of the work of individual photographers.
  • ABZU
  • The Los Angeles County Art Museum
  • Museums on the Web
    A collection of web links connecting museums and archives.
  • ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page.
  • Library of Congress WWW Home Page
    List of Americana collections. On-line collections of photos, motion pictures, and sound recordings,
  • Smithsonian Institution Home Page
    Starting point for access to the Smithsonian Museums, including the National Air and Space Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Museum of the American Indian.
  • Franklin Institute Science Museum (Philadelphia)
    Virtual exhibits (science and technology), access to educational materials.
  • Exploratorium (San Francisco)
    Virtual exhibits (science and hi-tech art), access to educational publications and software.
  • Le Web Louvre
    Masterpieces of French painting, arranged by historical period. High-quality scans with extensive commentary.
  • Australian National University Art History Home Page
    Large on-line collection of prints; also images of Classical architecture, Turkish architecture, etc.
  • ADAWEB online art
  • KODAK picture gallery
  • Pacific Hi-Tech Gallery
  • HypArt
  • Music

  • Piano Focus
    Good list of sources for many different types of pianos.
  • Alamo Music
  • All About Pianos
  • Mauro Cardi's Homepage
  • Michael Horwood, composer
  • Cameron Neylon's Composer list
  • Craig Shoemaker's Home Page
    Many items of interest to musicians (be sure to visit What's New).
  • John Henry┬╣s Piano Blues & Boogie MIDI Files
  • UCLA Music Library
    Good links to composers and music resources.
  • Tim Smith's page of music theory
    Very good theory syllabi and interactive studies.
  • Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar
    Many links to composer pages.
  • Instrument Jokes
  • ChoralNet
  • VocalNet
  • Directory of Organ Events
  • BMI
  • WWW Virtual Library -- Music Clearinghouse
    Official site for music in WWW Virtual Library. List of Mosaic home pages for individual musicians.
  • Indiana University Music Pages
    Music information from the School of Music and Music Library.
  • Internet Underground Music Archive
    News from the underground music scene. Access to independent/underground record label sites.
  • Levy Sheet Music Collection at Johns Hopkins
  • Opera Schedule Server
  • Tower Records at eplaza
  • Blackwells Bookshops
  • General Reference

  • Your Key Link to the Rest of the World ...
    An excellent site for business, work or pleasure for the entire family.
  • California Living Network
  • Literary Resources on the Net
  • The Electric Library
  • Hypertext Webster Interface
  • OCLC Home Page
  • Geographic Name Server
    Look up any place by name and get info.
  • Poetry Server
    A selection of English poetry and translations with link to English server.
  • The Info Service
    A Directory of many interesting links.
  • The Internet Movie Database at Cardiff
  • Religion Gopher
  • World Wide Web of Sports
  • The World Fact Book
  • Census Data Lookup
  • Government Census HomePage

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