Tau Cross and Basket depicts the Apostle St. Philip. The cross is also known as the Egyptian or Tau cross which has three arms, not four, in the shape of the letter T. Tradition states that Moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness on such a cross, thus the cross is known as the Old Testament cross. This story foreshadows Christ upon the cross as discussed in John 3:14. The Tau cross is associated with St. Philip as he was crucified upon a cross of this type.



Chalice and Wafer represents the influence of the Reformation on Holy Communion. A chalice is the cup from which the wine is taken during Holy Communion (Mark 14:23-24). As a symbol of the Christian faith the chalice goes back to the Old Testament Psalm 116:13 I shall take the cup of salvation.





The Chalice is the cup used at Holy Communion and is a symbol of the Christian faith. It represents Melchizedek, a priest of the Hebrews.