Prophet Isaiah, who predicted the coming of Christ, holds tongs and a burning coal. Coal is a metaphor for kindling of a fire, the flames pro≠ceeding from the Lord who came down upon Sinai in smoke and fire. The Scroll suggests the gifts of a great writer of the Old Testament and represents the Prophet Ezekiel. His vision, expressed in Ezekiel I:5,10,anticipates the coming of the four evangelists.

Detail, Isaiah, North Windows.



The Cistern represents the Prophet Jeremiah. A cistern is a reservoir for holding or collecting water, water being the symbol of cleansing and purifying. Empty cisterns were sometimes used as prisons and Jeremiah was thrown into one (Jeremiah 38:6). Water represents the waters of eter≠nal life. Water, mixed with wine, has come to denote Christís humanity;the wine His divinity.