Fish on a Boat Hook   represents the Apostle St. Simon. In Greek, the first letters of the words “Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior” form the word “fish.”Thus, the fish is a symbol of Jesus Christ. The fish also symbolizes baptism for as the fish cannot live except in water, nor can the Christian without the waters of baptism. Simon was one of the shepherds to whom the angels revealed the birth of Christ. He was martyred in Persia with St. Jude.




Ship, representing St. Jude. Jude is the author of the last Epistle in the New Testament and he was martyred in Persia by a lance or halberd. The Ship is symbolic of the Church of Christ which floats safely as the ark of Noah did. St. Ambrose compares the Church to a ship and the Cross to a ship’s mast. The ship also recalls the Christ’s miracle on the Sea of Galilee when he calmed the waters and saved the apostles from capsizing.



Scallop Shells, also known as cockleshells, signify pilgrimage and are associated  with St. James the Great. St. James made countless pilgrim­ages to the celebrated shrine at Santiago del Compostela, in Spain.




The ship the Mayflower represents the com­ing of religious freedom to the New World. The Seal of the Presbyterian Church in the USA as it looked  when the glass was originally created.