Paul's Mathematical Images

(X^2+Y^4) (X^3/Y-^2+Y) (X^2+Y^6)

cos radius(X,Y,)*cos dist(X,Y,0,5) (same formula)

tan radius(X,Y)*sin dist(X,Y,) (X^2+Y^4 smear)


Clicking on the above thumbnails will render full screen images in 24 bitplanes. Although they are made from mathematics, their design is inspired by African fabrics, and each image (with many variants) will contribute to a a dynamic virtual backdrop of over 5000 images as part of a narrative ballet, Azaro's Demons, based on novels of Ben Okri, the Nigerian writer. Programmed laser lighting and the musical accompaniment of a percussion ensemble complete the array of forces. The composer intends to complete the project by the year 2000.

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