ORANGE: You like to hang from a tree and grow fat and sweet. You definitely like fruit the best, and after that, basketballs. You want to be noticed, so you cruise the health food stores looking for kindred spirits. Your downfall in food is a bag of Cheese Balls. You are happiest on Halloween and Fall is your favorite season.

BLUE: You like to be near the water and you are obsessed with that stuff that is put in the toilet tank. As a kid you dipped everything into the school ink. You spend far too much time looking up at the sky. You should be an airline pilot or ship's captain. Ultimately, you have a compulsion to help the police.

RED: You chase fire engines incessantly and have pyromaniac tendencies. You root for the Cardinals and have a compulsion to visit the Vatican. Tomatoes are your favorite fruit, and you order pizza in a restaurant whenever you can. People constantly accuse you of creating brueaucratic obstacles and unnecessary procedures to get things done. You have a natural fear of wolves dressed in nightgowns and are happiest at Christmas and like to dress up as Santa Claus.

GREEN: You can't get enough of lettuce and asparagus. You agree with everything Ralph Nader says, and you are probably vegetarian. People constantly (and wrongly) accuse you of being inexperienced. You have a natural talent for golf, are happiest on St. Patrick's day, and will probably marry someone who likes to go camping. As a child you had a crush on Gumby.

VIOLET: You tend to use pompous and convoluted language. You fantasize dressing up as the King or Queen of England. Plums and grapes are your favorite fruits. You have a terrible temper and look forward to Valentine's Day. Vacations on the western plains of the US are your favorite.

YELLOW: You think you are a hornet, but you merely bite people. You must have lemonade with bananas on the side at least once a week. Your enemies tend to accuse you of cowardice, but you get back at them by pissing into the punch at the office party. Your hobby is mining for gold.