January 1997
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1 2 New Year's Resolutions 3 Umbrellas as scientific Instruments and Weapons 4 Three of my High School teachers were really stuffed, talking toys

5 PC Disney; Pirates of the Caribbean goes PC

6 Never put Tide® in a Jacuzzi®
7 Eccentricities and Superstitions 8 Product Labels...Again 9 Is there a Strange Pet in your Future? 10 I have an annoying habit...11 Throw it out!

12Zombies walk among us

13 Plumbing, in general

14 Musical Scores for Trolley Conductors 15 The Experts speak 16 Manhole 17 Our Slimy and Fuzzy Friends18 Are you a Schmoo?

19 Claire's First Time

20 The Fat Lady Has Sung

21 Food Barometers

22 Exotic Places

23 What is your favorite color? 24 Happy Endings25 More Happy Endings

26Family Values

27 Making Sense

28 Shoes29 Mail Order Caskets 30Matrioshkas31Tax on Burping