Program Notes for Dancer's Dream

Dancer's Dream‚ was originaly conceived as a piece for nine solo strings and was completed in 1980 for a concert organized by Lukas Foss but which never occurred. In it present version for string orchestra I am able to realize the full sound of the ensemble with greater dramatic effect. The entire piece has a surreal quality, as though the music were accompanying an unseen action off stage. If fact it was a comment by Sal Martirano referring music to an unseen action that prompted the dramatic basis ofthe piece.

All the materials are fragmented and appear to be just out of reach, and rarely is the complete waltz melody, first presented after an introduction, played. The listener gets the impression of being just one step behind in a dramatic scene that cannot be seen. In a sense, the choreography of the piece is created in the imagination of the listener. This performance is the United States premiere.