Music for Brass and Winds

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Bassooner or Later, solo bassoon (difficult), 8'

Euphonisms, 12 etudes for solo euphonium (easy to moderate: last few can be combined as duet, trios, etc.), 10'

Flute-Puissance, solo flute (moderate), 13'

Vala (Night of the Seventh), solo english horn (difficult), 6'

Solo with accompaniment:

"Watchman, Tell us of the Night" for Three Trumpets and Organ (From Concerto for Three Trumpets, Movement III), 6'.

Children's Palace for flute and piano (difficult), 15'

Clarionettes five pieces for clarinet and piano (easy), 10'

Dark Star and Strife for trumpet and piano (easy to moderate), 10'


Bicinium No.1 for flute and alto flute (moderate), 12'

Greeting Cards, six pieces for flute and baritone horn (easy to moderate), 12'

Orpheus Duets for two oboes (one part difficult, one moderate),11'


Piecelets for three clarinets, 11', 2011, (moderate).

Fantasy-Trio Vater Unser for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon (moderately diffficult), 8'.

Chamber Ensembles:

Brassacaglia, large brass ensemble and timpani, 7'30"

Fanfare for Easter, "Victimae Paschali" (moderate), 2tpts., hn, 2 trbs., tuba., 3' Click for the opening

Clownzona for three trombones (difficult), 10'

Dvorak, Anyone? for Saxophone quartet (difficult), 14'

Eleven Miniatures for Wind Quintet (moderate to difficult), 10'

Music for Open Spaces for 10 brass (moderate), 6'

Of Chrome and Brass for two euphoniums and two tubas (moderate), 10'

Regrets of Adolescence for soprano (txt), trumpet, bass clarinet (difficult), 8'

Seraphim and Cherubim for flute choir (3 picc., 3 fl, 3 afl: moderate), 10'


Concerto for Three Trumpets and Wind Ensemble "Watchman, Tell us of the Night."

(moderate wind ensemble, difficult trumpets (C or Bb)

Columbus Concerto for Organ and Winds, three movements (difficult).

Concerto "Dies Irae" for piano trio and winds (difficult).

Chorales for piano and brass (one movement, moderate).

Full Wind Ensemble:

Inferno for large wind ensemble and antiphonal percussion (difficult with big piano solo), 18'

Moonrise, a Polonaise, Early Light for full wind ensemble (difficult), 17'

Screamers for full wind ensemble (moderate), 12'.

Updated: April 11, 2012.