Some suggestions for the Pulitzer Prize from Walter Simmons:

Someone just brought to my attention your comments about the Pulitzer-winners in music. I mostly agree with everything you wrote. My only major disagreement is with your verdict re: Paul Moravec--I think he's one of the most impressive composers of his generation. I especially agree with most of your choices re: those works you think should have won (esp. Creston Symphony No. 2, Persichetti Symphony No. 5, Bloch Concerto Symph, Thompson Frostiana).

I hope you're still interested in nominations for this from others: In my opinion, aside from some of those you mentioned with which I agree, the following are my choices for the years indicated:

  • 1960--The Medead, by Vittorio Giannini
  • 1963--Symphony No. 7, by Peter Mennin
  • 1968--Symphony No. 1, by Nicolas Flagello
  • 1973--Symphony No. 5, by Arnold Rosner

  • Thanks for the opportunity,

    Walter Simmons

    Posted: August 29, 2006