Links to Vintage Computer Sites and Books on the Subject

Old Computer stuff and Information on Pioneers.

  • A Chronology of Computer History
  • Computer History Timeline
  • Stephan's Old Computer Stuff
  • Bill von Hagen's Computer Collection
  • Tom's Classic Computers
  • Vintage Computer Links
  • Computer Closet Collection
  • CP/M information
  • Jim's Computer Garage
  • Jetcore Services
  • Vintage Computer Brokers
  • S100 information
  • Old computer fact sheets
    The most extensive set of data sheets on old computers (over 800).
  • Retrocomputing Society of RI
  • Deer Park Computer Museum
  • University of Amsterdam Computer Museum
  • Site for the HERO 1 robot information.
  • John van Neumann Homepage.
  • The History of Computing Project,
    The site is dedicated to the history of computing in the broadest sense of the word. Seven sections comprise the site: chronology of computing, all timelines, biographies, companies, hardware, software, and reference.
  • Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection.
    Pre 1985 collection of personal computers. There is a good history of the microcomputer here.

  • Articles and Books of Interest to Vintage Collectors

  • Atlas of CyberSpace (Edited by Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin, (2001, Addison Wesley)
    Fabulously illustrated graphics show the growth of the internet to the present.
  • Bigelow, Julian, "Computer Development at the Institute for Advanced Study," in Nicholas Metropolis, J. Howlett, and Gian-Carlo Rota, eds., A History of Computing in the Twentieth Century (New York: Academic Press, 1980), 308.
  • Bush, Vannevar, "As We May Think." (July 1945, Atlantic Monthly).
    Classic article which predicts most facets of the modern computer.
  • Butler, Smauel, "Unconscious Memory" (London: David Bogue, 1880),
  • Ceruzzi, Paul, A History of Modern Computing, (1998, MIT Press).
    One of the best summaries of the development of the modern computer.
  • Chandler,Alfred, Inventing the Electronic Century, (2001, The Free Press).
    Author explains the relationship between the growth of consumer electronics and computing.
  • Cringely, Robert X., Accidental Empires, (1992, Addison-Wesley).
  • Eames, Charles and Ray, A Computer Perspective, Background to the Computer Age, (1973, Harvard University Press).
    Wonderful illustrated history of machines before the modern age: stops around late 60's.
    Freiberger & Levinne, Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer, (2000, McGraw-Hill).
    Best introduction to the PC/Apple/MSDOS 70's muddle.
  • Fallows, James, Living with a Computer.
    Atlantic Monthly article.
  • Hiltzik, Michael, Dealers of Lightning, (1999, HarperBusiness).
    Story of Xerox PARC, perhaps the most innovative facility in computing history.
  • Kaplan, David A., The Silicon Boys, (1999, William Morrow).
    Interesting study on the pioneers and lost prophets (like William Shockley of transitor fame). Timing of the publication of this book puts Silicon valley on the presipice of the fall to come after 2000.
  • McCartney, Scott, Eniac, (1999, Berkeley Books).
    Seminal book on that important machine.
  • Moreau, R., The Computer Comes of Age, (1984, MIT Press).
  • Salus, Peter H., A Quarter Century of UNIX, (1995, Addison-Wesley).
  • Wiener, Norbert, Cybernetics, (1948, MIT Press).
    The definitive work on a internal structure of a computing system (not for the mathematically challenged).
  • Waldrop, Mitchell, The Dream Machine, (2001, Viking).
    Book follows the career of J.C.R. Licklider, one of the great internet pioneers.
  • Wurster, Christian, Computers. An Illustrated History, (2002,. Taschen)
    Terrific pictures of the old mainframes, but the design is obviously by someone(s) who never reads books.

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